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   (Singing Evangelistic Ministries) is an evangelical outreach of Singing Evangelists Chuck & Phyllis Gibson a dynamic duet, who loves to work for the Lord. They believe and know that they must work while it is yet day, for night is coming when no man can work. So we here at S.E.M. say, “Let’s get Busy” about the Father’s business. S.E.M. is a non-profit organization, led, as we believe by our Heavenly Father and his Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, empowered by the third person of the Godhead the Holy Ghost to fulfill the great commission as explained in Matthew chapter 25:31- 46, also Matt.28: 19,20, and St. Mark 16:16. This is a five-fold ministry and operates for the sole purpose of evangelism. (Eph. 11-13) And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:

A fellowship of pastors, teachers, evangelists, Prophets, and apostles. We are here as a last days ministry. Our missions Statement To reach out to those who are lost, and hurting and fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave to every born-again believer. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, teaching them to observe all things that I have told you; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Ghost, and lo, I am with you, even until the end of the world. Our Purpose: S.E.M. is dedicated to the promotion and the solicitation of the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, through audio and media, whether it is the word in song, or an inspired message from Evangelist: Chuck Gibson. We want to magnify, and lift up the name of Jesus, who told us, “That if I be lifted up above the earth, I will draw all men unto me” “We should let our light so shine before men, that they may see our good works, and in turn glorify our Father which is in Heaven” Every child of God needs to point the way to the cross! Perilous times have come, and we must reach the lost at any cost. The Creed Being led, as we believe by the blessed spirit of God. We do solemnly enter into covenant with all “soldiers of the cross” to fight the good fight of faith, to endure to the end, and to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. We promise to encourage, edify, build up, equip, and other wise strengthen our prayer partner’s (Chosen Soldiers) those who support this ministry. We consider it an honor to serve you as unto the Lord. Thank you for doing your part for the kingdom of God.

S.E.M. is dedicated to the promotion and solicitation of the gospel in song. We provide encouragement and assist local talent through live performance at our numerous events. By putting them in touch with Churches and Pastors who might be interested in having them come and sing at their Church. We are not a talent agency, or a booking agent S.E.M. is a ministry. Twenty years of music ministry is now part of the testimony behind this spiritually empowered duet known as “The Singing Evangelists” Chuck and Phyllis Gibson are actively involved in many facets of the Southern Gospel Music industry. They are currently Pulaski County Chapter leaders of the A.C.M.A. (The American Christian Music Assoc.) They also do their own publishing through Gibson Hill Music. Which was formed two years ago by singer, songwriter Evangelist: Chuck Gibson who spent three years in Nashville, “learning the business” from some of the top names in secular country music. Brother Chuck has been preaching the gospel for the most of the twenty years of this anointed ministry, and has been very busy about his Fathers business! He worked as a D.J. over W.O.B.O. 88.7 fm in his hometown of Batavia Oh. Where he produced two radio programs, Sunday morning sunrise, and Monday evening drive time program “traveling the highway home” He also hosted and helped to produce his own cable T.V. program called “ shekinah” which aired three times a week on Warner cable station#24 (the public access channel) and twice a week on T.K.R. cable channel #7 in Covington, Ky. “The Road To Glory land” was another program that Chuck helped to produce and host. Up until the time he moved here from Ohio he had three projects previously released on sage grass records and glory land music and media. “The Best is Yet To Come” (which has now become part of “The Collection” The Singing Evangelist “best of” project) A twenty song C.D. and was recorded at Jordan recording studios, In Taylor Mill, Ky. And mastered in Nashville. Featuring such talent as Charles Novell on piano, Buddy Rich on steel guitar (now gone on to be with Jesus) and Billy Blackwood on the drums, and other great musicians such as Paul Thompson, Homer Todd and Dennis Hensley. He has also worked with Rusty York of Jewel recording studios (Jewel records) and Carroll Rawlings of the masters five. Then came “Chosen Soldiers” which featured two of Chuck’s daughters singing, the background vocals, and produced by Eddie Brumley.

Chuck moved to this area three years ago and fell in love with the beautiful lake Cumberland Region and a lovely Somerset lady filled with the Holy Spirit, and the fire of God’s love! The couple was soon after married and began a united effort to reach the lost at any cost. They have recently released their first project together “It’s Still Real Today” on the Gibson Hill label and is getting airplay on local stations everywhere! They are currently working on a brand new project together “Let’s Get Busy” (update June 2006 “let’s get busy” has been released and promises to be the best Project thus far) I sure do like that title don’t you? When asked where do you go from here? Chuck and Phyllis Gibson reply’ “wherever the leads us, we will follow, and if it is the Lord’s will that’s exactly what they will do” Amen!!!

S.E.M. Review

 He preaches and sings, a great songwriter and a shining light for our Lord Jesus Christ. She's filled with the Holy Ghost and trembles with joy…Their mission "REACH THE LOST". Bro. Chuck Gibson and his wonderful wife Phyllis, make up "The Singing Evangelists”                                    Bro. Chuck finds much joy just to minister for the Lord. His second passion is to write songs and play the green acoustic guitar. He has recorded hundreds of songs and released quite a few CD's. He is been on radio and TV shows and continues to help others with workshops and management tips, through Gibson Hill Music a “Publishing House” which was started by Brother Chuck five years ago, and is on the way to becoming a great asset to the “Kingdom of God”
 Chuck’s wife Phyllis loves to shout the house down as they say and just sing to the Lord. Sister Phyllis loves to feel the Holy Ghost and it shows every time you hear her sing at the many concerts throughout the country. When the power of the Holy Ghost fills her with his Spirit she trembles with joy and you can hear it in her voice as she gives her testimony.

 We met at the 2002 Christmas dinner and from that day formed a wonderful friendship. These people have a way of making you smile, sometimes laugh and just feel good when you are around them. I believe God surely must have put them together for they had to be a match made in Heaven “So to speak” I never dreamed when they walked into the Marie Jeffrey's building that December day and announced they were new members of The A.C.M.A. that they would be such go-getters. Most of us join something new like this association and we kind of take our time, get a feel of everything, get use to the people, and then if we have not become bored or overwhelmed we start to wade in a little. Then if it feels good we may little by little wade on in and start to work. This couple jumped in headfirst and I guess it was like swim or drown, so they give it there all, and it works! ! !
In a short time they had started the Pulaski County Chapter and began recruiting new members. They also began to set up A.C.M.A. singings, which allowed a lot of us to get into areas we had not been before. This husband and wife team travel to where ever the doors are opened and if there are no doors open, they open doors of their own. Their mission is simple "REACH THE LOST”. They have the tools and don't mind to use them. Their name fits them well "The Singing Evangelists”. They will not only sing their way into your heart and will preach the word and try their best to reach the lost in any way they can. They truly are wonderful people and a joy to minister with. I am very proud that Bro Chuck Gibson and his wife Phyllis is a big part of the ACMA. I know that they will continue to work knowing that time is short; and world needs a light and we have this light in the two of them.

                –A.C.M.A. Magazine 2004 Jay Fox, editor